About the IJMER

This International Journal of Multidisciplinary Empirical Research offers the Educational Research platform for academicians from all disciplines to apply scholarly and academic knoweledge. Each of us experiences deep thoughts and ideas. However there is a need for a platform to project his views and research work in the particular field. If one truly strive for anything, one will find opportunity everywhere. The journal offers an excellent platform to all such academecians and researchers to promote their peer reviewed work on any particular field. This aims to share knowledge, expose and explore the field of Multidisciplinary Research directed for academicians, researchers and scholars working in any aspects. This journal publishes any such work grounded by appropriate scientific explanation and mathematical analysis. All our publications are also available as a knowledge platform for learners who have craze to start research.


International Journal of Multidisciplinary Empirical Research, a Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research focuses on critical and creative research. This journal seeks to promote original research and cultivate fruitful dialogues between previous and innovative thoughts.


International Journal of Multidisciplinary Empirical Research is fully dedicated to independent journals for all academicians from all disciplines to apply scholarly,academic theory and practice.It broadly covers research work on present and next generation cutting edge social diversities where this site acts as the best Global Knowledge Sharing Platform which enhances the quality of research. Our team of academicians and scholars are dedicated to provide the high quality research papers on their corresponding fields and every research paper is evaluated by each member of IJMER reviewer panel to ensure the quality of writing and research before the manuscript being published.To encourage our researchers we publish journals with low publication fee.we provide empirical papers from all areas of research in the area of technology innovation and emerging trends...



The million development goal laid its emphasis on “people centered approach” to recognize human and social capital for sustainable development. These include economic strategies and many other emerging trends.

The object is simple and that is to provide a forum for scholarly dialogue on a broad range of topics significant to our times and cultures.